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It is a well-known fact that ordinary stoves emit potentially polluting gases into the atmosphere. In order to promote a cleaner environment, a secondary combustion feature has been built into every Heat Tech stove. Gases emitted from igniting the fuel are redirected and reignited, while at the same time, exact measurements of fresh air is introduced through secondary air channels. The fresh air and gases combine to produce an even hotter fire. The burning of gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere make the Heat Tech stove a very popular and conscientious choice for the consumer.

Classic Beauty
Whether you own a Heat Tech free standing wood burning stove or fireplace insert, the result is beauty and efficiency. Our stoves are enhanced by the following options: polished solid brass doors and legs, chrome look doors and legs, brass trim on surround flashing (insert models), and artistic glass etching.

Heat Tech stoves are truly a compliment to any decor. We offer a color available to accent your home decorating style.

Quality Workmanship
With over 25 years in the industry, we are you answer to your heating needs. Our stoves are designed to deliver years of trouble free performance. Each stove is assembled with a continuous welded heavy duty steel firebox, meticulously assembled masonry firebricks, and high temperature ceramic glass.

High Standards Tested to:
UL 1482, 907
EEMC Energy and Environmental  Measurement Corp., Kent, Washington
• 5-year lifetime limited warranty
• Mobile Home approved
• Alcove approved
• Oregon DEQ

Construction Features • Angled corner design allows for closer placement in corners
• Close clearance to combustibles for lifetime enjoyment and efficiency
• Scientifically designed air flow system
• Unique air wash system helps keep
• Refractory Baffle maintains high  firebox temperature for complete combustion